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Application Development

I develop projects in the Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP domain, as well as Cold Fusion and Microsoft SQL Server platforms. See the portfolio for samples.


Play and work overlap a bit - that's how creativity is fueled!

Algorithm Fun

Math Fun


Revered Links


These demonstrations are mostly browser based, using Javascript


Oct 15: Helped Launch So Good Life Shuffle contest!

June, 2012: Launched Ecotagious.com Smart Meter Analytics for consumers!

Apr 20: Launched revamp of Physician Health Program of BC!

Mar 31: Launched Les habitations sans fumée au Québec!

Mar 10: Launched Les habitations sans fumée en Ontario!

Feb 23: Launched Learning Point's new website!

Feb 22, 2011: Support Avazz.org's blackout-proof protest campaign

Sept 27, 2010: Launched BC Society of Occupational Therapists Assn. website

Mouse Lasso

This shows how one can implement a lasso mouse gesture that enables users to select and center on webpage objects. This enables silent "click-less" navigation

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Let's Make A Deal

Suppose you are on a game show, and are asked to choose a door ...

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Text Comparison

We recently implemented an HTML document comparison service for a client that others might benefit from.

It compares 2 documents and highlights the differences.

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RSA Crypto

Here's a prototype javascript Pretty Good Privacy form encrypt / decrypt test. There are a few potential uses for this - light browser based secure web to email scripts, or off-line portable account password retrieval.

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Math Fun

Do you like trying to figure out classic math puzzles, the nature of prime numbers, etc? Here are Damion's explorations in these realms.

Factoring N
Fermat's Ferment

R & D Projects

DQL (Domain Query Language): Kind of like SQL, and kind of like the semantic web's RDF.

Conway OCR (inspired by Conway's game of life): this project applies cellular automata to the OCR (optical character recognition) problem. OCR touches on so many cognitive science challenges.

DQL: This project aims to have a natural language parser understand and employ the formal function definition f = (domain, codomain, graph). Some software languages boast about their functional programming prowess - Haskell, Prolog and others, but they don't really offer a natural language way to talk about functions. The proposed language would be able to describe known and variable parts of a function (problem) in the moment or on a timeline. Constraint programming could then be applied to narrow possibilities or produce solutions.

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Factoring N

Factoring a number can be difficult! Certain numbers called primes have no factors - no smaller whole numbers besides 1 that they cleanly divide into. But you can't tell this just by "looking" at them.

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Play includes art of all kinds!
Here are a sample of my creations over the years.

Above: Lamp, circa 1996

Alley Art

Just about to put up these "drive slow" kid signboards in our alley. Lots of fun painting them. We had kids lay down on plywood to get the cutouts; then I went to work with a jigsaw. I reserved these two to brush up on painting.

First, I carved a slight bevel along the edges, then did a primer base coat. Finally, exterior latex paint sample jars - about $5 each from places like Home Depot - provided a variety of paint colors.


I proposed this Ogopogo-like playground creature, made out of used industrial-sized tires, to my kid's school's "greening" committee. The large tire treads look like dragon scales; more could be done to decorate the creature's head.

However, there is a problem - apparently tires (and rubber mulch made from them) are now considered a toxin risk in the playground environment. If anyone has information on how this could be done safely, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

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Math Art

I occasionally try to tackle a math problem, and as failure is, er, possible, my fall-back position is to convert it into art of some kind. This one was inspired by the factorization problem.

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Pythagorean Coaster

One in a series of Pythagoras inspired coasters. There are a variety of proofs, but only a few stand out visually.

Can you see the inner square, and the 4 identical triangles around the edge? Take "c" to be a triangle's long side, "b" is a medium side, and "a" is a short side.

c2 = 4*1/2ab + (b-a)2

c2 = 2ab + b2 - 2ab + a2

c2 = a2 + b2

Fermat Ferment

Have you been lured in by the apparent simplicity of Pierre de Fermat's Last Theorem and his "aha!" proof that he didn't jot down because it didn't fit in the page margin?!

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If at FLT, Try Again!

Wiles holed up in his house for seven years with FLT. I too devote an occasional evening ...

Lets say the Fermat Ferment proof doesn't apply to n > 3.

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Software Design

Our project development process does not rely on rabbits. Scoping draws out the initial details of your vision. We help clarify the aims, processes and resources that yield success. Next comes wireframe and mockup design iteration. Now we have tech specs that any developer can use!

"The most
efficient way
to get a human
on the moon"
... and back
Public Knowledge Project
PKP Document XML Conversion

Prototyped a public online document conversion process for producing standardized xml, html and pdf documents from a source word or pdf document, with a focus on citation and bibliography styling.

Technology: Involved a raft of linux and php programs to do the conversions, including unoconv for libreoffice, Citeproc, ParsCit, biblatex2xml, pdftohtml, citeproc, php snappy/wkhtmltopdf, XMP metadata via exiftool, and php xsl stylesheet and regular expression transformations, and php-cld Chromium language detection.

Translation Software

Completed a review of online Translation management programs including Pootle, Transifex, and Weblate. Weblate wins for its git repository integration and ease of use!

Ecotagious Smart Meter Analytics

This startup helps consumers understand and take advantage of their home smart meter's ability to track electricity consumption. Data retrieval, charting, statistics, conservation challenges and Facebook integration are part of this large, sophisticated project.

Technology: Microsoft .Net MVC application on the server side, and jQuery, d3 graphics, and lots of dynamic HTML on the browser.

Jitsu Technologies
JitsuTech & JitsuLab

This enterprise level project provides a sophisticated survey, data collection and reporting engine using the latest drag and drop user interface technology that can meet the ethical and technical requirements of academic and research consultancy clientele. It is built to handle heavy volume, data sharing, and sophisticated statistics!

Hollyhock Retreat
Canada's Leading Educational Retreat

For many years Hollyhock has used my content management system, Presto CMS, to manage their website, provide ride sharing information, display workshop schedules and details, and handle customer reservations. A specially designed workshop presenter intranet enables an entirely online process of uploading, editing, versioning, and publishing (in print and on the web) their course profiles.

Non-Smoker Rights Assocation

Representing the needs of non-smokers in many provinces, this association runs a variety of websites, in both French and English, using our multilingual Presto CMS. The Ontario website uses one of our latest, crystal clear designs! We've search engine optimized (SEO) this site so that it comes in #1 in Google for many key terms involving tobacco control and non-smoking resident advocacy. We understand and enjoy working with nonprofits like the NSRA!

Law Courts Ed. Soc.
By invitation ... photo below www.bailoptions.ca
Bail Options in BC, Canada

This project, for the Law Courts Education Society of BC, developed BC's first knowledgebase regarding the complicated process of granting or denying bail to suspects. A browser-based application produces a multi-page intelligent form that dynamically takes police and judicial system representatives through the process of assessing bail candidacy and conditions, culminating in a checklist of requirements.

Technology: Xopus XML WYSIWYG editor, XSL, and custom javascript form/logic engine

WebBall Baseball
Baseball Coaching Resource and Store

Ranking #1 in Google in many baseball training categories, this site combines a wealth of educational material with an e-commerce engine. Fans of baseball will appreciate its multimedia video and animation training presentations and expert articles. We also built the team site component that provides hundreds of team managers with an online website for team information - rosters, fan lists, schedules, and game stats management and reporting.

Dennis Dooley Photo
Fine Art Photography

LearningPoint revamped the gallery portion of this website to make viewing and ordering Dennis's wonderful photography much easier.

Past Clients

Nashville Village Real Estate Search

For My Presto CMS has handled this client's website, including a display of agents, services and unique mix of socially-minded business partners. As well I developed one of the first web-connected search engines of the Tennessee RETS property listings. Our system quickly searched hundreds of thousands of Nashville and environs listings in ways our competition could only dream of!

BC Society of Occupational Therapists

We integrated Drupal and the open source CiviCRM.org membership management software, along with custom php reporting components, to enable this organization to process membership fees, manage event attendance, job postings and advertising.

Gulf Islands Film School Social Network Site

This social networking site for a film school's current and alumni students was our first application of the Social Engine software product, offering a place to share student profiles, video productions, and project work.

I have also had the pleasure to work with the following commercial, public and nonprofit organizations on projects large and small:

  • Bull Houser Tupper
  • Cantest
  • Imprint Plus
  • Loreto Bay Sustainable Living
  • Nashville City Living
  • Osmosis
  • Read Jones Christoffersen
  • Village Real Estate

  • BC Cancer Foundation
  • BC Courthouse Library Society
  • Burrard Inlet Environmental Action Program / Fraser River Estuary Management Program
  • Canadian Employment and Immigration Union
  • Corporate Accountability International
  • Downtown East Side Community Website
  • Laidlaw Foundation
  • Philia Dialogue on Caring Citizenship
  • Philanthropic Foundations Canada
  • Positive Women's Network
  • Portal of Progressive Research in Canada at Ryerson University
  • Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce
  • Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation
  • Tides Canada
Visual Design

I work with visual design consultants who excel at communicating your organization's mission, history, and future. Explore some of their commercial and nonprofit examples here.

Capital Direct
So Good

Damion Dooley

Principal, CTO


Use our email form, or ...
604 877 0304

LearningPoint Inc.
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Canada, V5V 1A9

Damion Dooley

Damion provides clients with web software solution advice, design, and implementation. His experience spans over two decades of building applications and website content management systems for corporate, government, and nonprofit clients.

Damion was Director of Application Development at Communicopia for over a decade. There he led the technical development of hundreds of successful projects, large and small. Formative years in Silicon Valley and an Honours BA in Cognitive Science have enabled him to tackle a wide variety of creative challenges with gusto!

Damion's Bio

Youth: earliest memories stem from the fairgrounds of Montreal's futuristic Expo 67 and its Buckminster Dome. Then a year by the construction site of the utopian Arcosanti, and in Mayer, the little town next door; another living in the back of the Museum of Northern Arizona; a stint in Benjamin Franklin's hometown, Philadelphia, along with a dose of American bio-regional counterculture from San Francisco and Northern California: a blend of futuristic, historic, and preservationist visions. Add the science fiction of the day - Star Trek, the Bionic Man, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Westworld, Logan's Run, Tarkovsky's Solaris - these were the raw materials for imagining the future of humanity along radically different paths, from the dystopic to the utopian. Into this milieu came the dawn of personal computers, the addictive allure of power to create worlds.

Teen geekhood: In an attempt to master both logic and silicon, software and hardware, Damion made a 3D rotational fly-over of wire-framed England on an Apple II+ in assembly language; and a Byte magazine speech synthesizer project. Living with his dad in Berkeley, California, he worked for Hercules Computer Technology, the first maker of IBM PC clone graphics boards. He created screensaver/capture software that shipped with those products, and made Autocad-style visual integrated circuit design software, in assembly, for their kind chief engineer. On the side, did a robot with stepper motor controls, wired up a 300 Baud modem, and wrote the software to connect it with a few Bay Area bulletin boards. Five star geek!

20ish: Realization: software - now the linchpin of digital creativity - was a time-sucking struggle to create and use. Software had no cohesive toolbelt for problem solving. Consequently Damion has an interest in systems at a more abstract symbolic level. Pattern recognition, logic and human problem solving. To satisfy this curiosity he completed an honours degree in Cognitive Science in 1993.

Now: Creative solutions for LearningPoint clients are his focus. R & D takes up the remaining time!

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