Mechanical Principles
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Computers owe a debt to their gearhead precursors! Here's a short 1930's film montage, Mechanical Principles by Ralph Steiner, which VertikalDesign mashed with electronica. A testament to the industrial might of America in the 30's, and to a designer's pride in simple but precise relations!

Muybridge Movies

You may enjoy this compilation of famous Eadweard Muybridge clips by enlacemultimedia.

We call Eadweard's zoopraxiscope (1879) the world's first film projector. It came close on the heels of the praxinoscope ("action viewer", 1877), preceeded by the zoetrope ("the wheel of life",1833)?

Historical records exist that trace this idea all the way back to a chinese "Pipe Which Makes Fantasies Appear", a kind of rotating shadow lantern invented by Ting Huan circa 180 AD! Calling all Hippies!

Berlin 1927

Take a look at Berlin, Germany from dawn to dusk! This silent film, called "Berlin: Symphony of a Great City" was taken by a german industrial film maker and his 2 compatriots. Spanning from Berlin's Metropolis-like industrial might down to the little details - the street brawl; the wandering child.

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